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Yes, Democrats, It's a Mob


Former Attorney General Eric Holder believes that Michelle Obama was wrong when she famously advised, "When they go low, we go high." Rather, he told Democrats at a gathering in Georgia, "when they go low, we kick them."

If Holder had been honest, he would have said, "When they win a presidency via the constitutionally mandated route and the duly elected president nominates a Supreme Court justice with a 12-year exceptional record on the bench and then the duly elected Senate follows all the rules and precedents set by Democrats -- offering numerous hearings and investigations along the way -- and confirms that nominee, we kick them, because we're frustrated."

by sunshinedaydreams • 29 views • 4 comments • 6 days ago • category: Politics
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(6 days ago)
Kind of happy about all this. They're in panic mode and have no other options.

I've seen Conservative presidents and I've heard Libs talk about how unfair it was, but they've never acted this way before. They are up against the wall.

senior guru
(6 days ago)
@BrunoAxemaker I hear ya, they are showing their true nature. They don't care about minorities or gays or anything other than POWER!

(6 days ago)
@sunshinedaydreams The smart people have seen this for a long time. They give minorities whatever they need as long as it's not too much and they shower them with attention as long as they play the part.

But if you do it on your own and go against the Dems they will immediately condemn you. Ask Kanye and Bill Cosby

(5 days ago)
Attacking people is what they think is going high? I'd to hate what the left thinks going low is.

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