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Media Ignores Big Opening and Critical Acclaim for 'Gosnell' Movie 
The new movie about Kermit Gosnell, the notorious Philadelphia late-term abortionist eventually...
by bondojoe • 73 views • 13 comments • 19 hours ago • category: Movies

Senate Dems Call on Trump to Disclose Any Financial Ties to Saudi Arabia 
A group of Senate Democrats on Wednesday demanded President Donald Trump disclose any financial...
by ThomasinaPaine • 27 views • 7 comments • 6 hours ago • category: Politics

The Austerity Hawks Are Coming for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid | The Nation 
Mitch McConnell just revealed the scheme: cut taxes for the billionaires class, create deficits,...
by ThomasinaPaine • 38 views • 6 comments • 6 hours ago • category: Politics

After the Clinton Global Initiative: Mike Bloomberg is looking to take over New York's most elite co... 
The lineup and program imply that the September conference will be a globally minded gathering...
by sunshinedaydreams • 33 views • 5 comments • 19 hours ago • category: Politics

Why the NPC Meme FREAKS OUT the Left - YouTube 
Because it's funny, effective and mostly true. Twitter: http://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet...
by noemiblanco • 35 views • 4 comments • 5 hours ago • category: Politics

Bono: Political parties that criticise mass migration originate from Satan 
The U2 singer has recently been engaged in a campaign against European political parties that are...
by BrunoAxemaker • 17 views • 4 comments • 3 hours ago • category: Celebrities

Betsy DeVos Just Bought Herself a Trump Cabinet Position ā€“ Rolling Stone 
It cost her $115,000 in personal donations to sitting Republican senators; $950,000 more has...
by ThomasinaPaine • 39 views • 3 comments • 23 hours ago • category: Politics

GOP tax cuts added hundreds of billions to the national debt. Now Mitch McConnell wants to slash ent... 
Remember When Republicans Called the Deficit ā€˜Immoralā€™? All signs point to the $1.5...
by ThomasinaPaine • 42 views • 3 comments • 23 hours ago • category: Politics

Marines go WILD when President Donald Trump Names Medal of Honor Recipient - YouTube 
Must Watch: Marines go WILD when President Donald Trump Names Medal of Honor Recipient Watch:...
by manditoe • 37 views • 3 comments • 9 hours ago • category: General

'What Is WRONG With These People?!' - Tucker Carlson Reacts To Deranged Antifa Activists - YouTube 
Subscribe today to my channel for more videos: http://tiny.cc/20b0ty
by manditoe • 33 views • 3 comments • 8 hours ago • category: General

Haunting Of Hill House Is So Scary Itā€™s Making People Vomit | WSFM101.7 - Pure Gold 
New Netflix Horror Show The Haunting Of Hill House Is So Scary It's Making People Sick you got...
by noemiblanco • 33 views • 3 comments • 6 hours ago • category: Entertainment

Mitch McConnell Just Unveiled the Most Inevitable Political Development of 2018 
"Itā€™s disappointing but itā€™s not a Republican problem," McConnell said in an interview with...
by ThomasinaPaine • 42 views • 3 comments • 5 hours ago • category: Politics

ā€˜White Whoresā€™: Islamā€™s Unwavering View on Western Women - Raymond Ibrahim 
A British woman going by the pseudonym of Kate Elysia recently revealed the extent of her sexual...
by bondojoe • 75 views • 2 comments • 20 hours ago • category: Politics

Why Do the Media Keep Parroting Trumpā€™s Falsehoods? | The Nation 
The circle of lies begins with Trump, continues through Fox News, and ends up in the mainstream...
by ThomasinaPaine • 19 views • 2 comments • 2 hours ago • category: Politics

Saudis transfer $100M to US Gov, as suspect in Khashoggi murder dies in "car accident" - YouTube 
The Duran Quick Take: Episode 3. The Duranā€™s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander...
by PureVodkašŸŗ • 6 views • 2 comments • 52 min ago • category: General

Betsy DeVos, Trump, Worst Government Possible, on Purpose ā€“ Rolling Stone 
The disastrous Betsy DeVos interview shows how much America is now on its own. We Americans...
by ThomasinaPaine • 14 views • 2 comments • 40 min ago • category: Politics

Donald Trump: Media Helping Russia 'Sow Chaos and Discord' 
President Donald Trump accused the media and Democrats of helping the Russians further divide the...
by Bread&Circuses • 29 views • 1 comments • 23 hours ago • category: Politics

International Women's Day: 9 most powerful Arab women in the world 
Be it in art, law, business, policy or government; these Arab women top the global power lists....
by šŸ‘½GEMINIšŸ‘½ • 21 views • 1 comments • 22 hours ago • category: General

Global Firepower - 2018 World Military Strength Rankings 
Reference detailing major and minor global military powers through accumulated statistics and...
by ThomasinaPaine • 42 views • 1 comments • 18 hours ago • category: Politics

Scammers posted over a thousand fake Womenā€™s March events on Facebook to sell T-shirts: report | The... 
ScammersĀ in Bangladesh createdĀ more than 1,700 fake Women's March Facebook pages in order to...
by Middleman • 16 views • 1 comments • 16 hours ago • category: Politics