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Easy meal made quick and fast  (156 views)

senior guru
(1 year ago)
I make a hamburger Mac & cheese meal . You need one pound of ground beef a box of Kraft macaroni & cheese . First you need to put on a pot of water on the stove and wait till your water starts to boil ,then put your macaroni noodles in the boiling water( don't forget to take out the cheese sauce first before you add your macaroni).When you check to see if the noodle about ready ,then start browning your ground beef.when the beef is brown ,then drain the grease from your ground beef.and set it to the side .Then check to see if the macaroni is done.if it is then drain the water from the macaroni. then get a big pot and add the macaroni in it. then add your cooked ground in the pot with the macaroni and then add your cheese sauce and then stir it till all the cheese sauce it mixed in good then add a little milk ,if you like it creamy and then serve it.

(11 months ago)
I do this too only I add green peppers and onions. We have hamburger helpers here in the states. This is like a knock off of the cheeseburger macaroni box. I like to make knock offs. When my kids were growing up, I tried to never feed them processed foods. I worked hard to give my kids the same crap other kids were eating out of a box. Mine was home made so a bit better for you.

senior master
(11 months ago)
@fortunate1 Well smart, enjoyed reading what you have wrought. smiley smiley

(4 days ago)
Mac n cheese microwave bowl with nighthawk steak

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